Sunday, 11 December 2011

11/12: Pin Meet 5 - Sponsor Support

I'm very pleased to confirm that BT have kindly offered pins to collectors who register and attend the pin meet in January. The meet falls shortly after the 200 days to go mark and BT are issuing a 200 day to go pin which they have offered to those who attend the meet.

So, please make sure you register if you plan to attend as, if pins are limited, they will be offered to those who signed up on a first-come, first-served basis.

The BT pin is limited to 4,000 pieces (as the 300 day pin was) and follows the design of the other BT countdown pins. Image to follow soon.

Thank you to BT for supporting the pin meet yet again.


Anonymous said...

well done BT, perhaps a few others sponsors that shall remain nameless could take a leaf out of your book. talking books, anyone read aggro co. by j.lewis? :-)

Pippin said...

Anonymous, I agree with you that BT should be congratulated on their continued support of us pin collectors, but I don't believe that your criticism is entirely helpful in this case. Please remember that Pin Meet No 5 relies on the most generous offer of a venue from one of the official sponsors of London 2012.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE BT.... in coming along and also being one of the few sponsors that does not make getting your hands on its pins tooooooooo difficult. Busby would be proud !

wookie said...

Why oh why can't ALL the sponsors see that their pins are a wonderful low-cost way of getting their name out in front of people and make them freely available? That way they would generate goodwill towards themselves instead the hostility that we have all seen aimed towards certain unhelpful sponsors.