Tuesday, 20 December 2011

19/12: Merry Christmas and Thank You

I would like to wish all the London 2012 pin collectors and readers of my website and blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you all for your support, whether it's supplying news and pictures, passing on rumours, suggesting improvements or even correcting my spelling.

I never imagined that when I started the blog almost 3 years ago, that it would grow like this. That growth is down to you too with the support that you have all shown.

It's been great to meet lots of you and the pin events and email even more of you. I've made some amazing friends even if I've never met some of you face-to-face! I hope that I'll get to meet lists more people as we get to the Games.

I'm sure that next year will be manic. I'm not sure if I'll survive, but I hope I have fun trying!

And finally, for those of you, like me, who like statistics...

Since I started monitoring activity on the website (December 2009) there have been 69,389 visits from 23,264 unique visitors in 121 countries. In the last 4 months, the site is averaging over 5,000 visits per month. The blog has has around 35,000 visits  from nearly 10,000 unique visitors in the same time.

Thanks again for all your support and here's to 2012!


minicooper67 said...

Merry Christmas to you too Paul its great that you can provide such up to date and valuable useful information in the quest for 2012 pin collecting.
Mark and Michelle

wookie said...

Merry Christmas Paul, and here's looking forward to an exciting 2012! Thanks for all that you have done for us all throughout 2011.

Season's greetings also to the many friends that I have made on here, and thank you all for helping me build up my collection of London 2012 pins.

Pippin said...

Paul, Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noël, et une bonne et heureuse année 2012.

Heureusement, les Jeux Olympiques 2012 seront à Londres, pas à Paris!

Jordan D said...

Paul - pleasure to be here at the very start of this venture, and pleased to see it going from strength to strength.

Here's to a brilliant 9 months ahead.