Thursday, 15 December 2011

15/12: New Lloyds TSB Sponsor Pin

A new Lloyds TSB pin has been issued. This one is the result of a internal design competition and was won by a young girl - Katie Johnson.

Pin LLY0017 on card

Reverse of card

The pin shows a girl diving and being marked by three judges. The pin uses a print technique for the people and sparkly enamel for the 3 shades of water - a great effect. The new Lloyds composite logo is also shown

This is pin LLY0017 and comes on a special card which explains the competition on the reverse. There were 100 of these pins made and all have been issued to Lloyds TSB staff. This make it the rarest sponsor pin in the catalogue so far.


Acer said...

Very nice looking pin except for the fact that only 100 were made and distributed to staff. This probably means that these were given to the hierchy
of Lloyds Banking. I hope that those that receive them actually treasure them.

wookie said...

I guess that most of us will have one bog glaring hole in our collections now then............

Pippin said...

............ except for PinMaster !!!!!!!!!!!!

wookie said...

Actually, thinking about it, why shouldn't there be a rewards system within a company whereby staff who meet a standard in some way get a pin?
We didn't complain about the BP beacon awards did we?
Admittedly we don't know how many were produced of the BP pins, but the principal is still the same.
It is no different to the LTSB pin produced for the new Stratford branch - you get a pin if you open an account there. I live 70 miles away so I have no chance!

Pippin said...

Wookie, absolutely spot on!

LOCOG and ODA staff get pin badges for health and safety performance, for environmental awareness, for quality management, for raising the bar and even for wearing a black hat! Without the sponsor and internal pins there would be nothing to collect at all without having to pay!!