Tuesday, 13 December 2011

13/12: New NBC 'Mega' Pin

News from a reader in the US. A new 'mega-pin' will be released by NBC. I'm told it's a large 3D pin which weighs a lot and comes in a round metal tin. The retail price will be $65.

Pin NBC0012

It looks like the standard London icons such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and a London Bus have been included along with an NBC London 2012 shield.


Anthony said...

This is the Fazzino pin, it seems that one (or more) gets produced for every Olympics now. It is designed by Charles Fazzino, an American 3D pop artist. Depending on your definition, due to its size, some might argue its not really a pin, you definitely couldnt wear it unless you wanted to walk around all day like Quasimodo :-)
A bit like marmite, you will either love or hate this, ive always liked them visually but dont like the fact that theres not a lot more you can do with them than leave them in the presentation tin they come in, which is a bit of a shame as you would love to be able to show it off somehow

Paul said...

Anthony, good point, I forgot to mention it's signed by the artist.

pin-architect said...

Some collectors put this pin in the center of their media display board...and mount the rest around it. It is a nice centerpiece.