Friday, 2 December 2011

2/12: More Countdown News

Some of you may have noticed, that when the 500 day to go pins were issued, there were only 3 varieties of the shard pin using combinations of the London 2012 brand colours.

These were pins 0480 - 0482. The combination of green shard and pink logo which should have been pin 0479 was never released.

Until now!

This pin will finally be released towards the back end of next week. But here's the important news. There will be less than 50 of them available for sale as individual pins. Overall, they are being limited to 1,000 pieces which makes them amongst the rarest retail pins, however as the majority are being held back for sets or have been sold to stakeholders, only a handful are available for sale. Not only that, but all of these pins are being sold by one retailer - Glamorous Living. 

So, my recommendation, if you want to get these pins individually, contact Glamorous Living as soon as their website launches them. These will probably be the most difficult pins to get so far.

Price will be £7


Anonymous said...

What the **** is a stakeholder ?

And don't tell me it has anything to do with Count Dracula.

John - Honav said...

Hi Anonymous!

I am pleased to say that 'stakeholders' have nothing to do with Count Dracula! But FANGS for asking!!!!

Stakeholders are Companies, Groups, Councils etc that are involved in the making sure that LONDON 2012 is going to be the BEST OLYMPICS EVER!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply John. So why are they getting this particular pin ? and how are the other nobodies supposed to complete a full collection when this is going on. How many more pins are going to follow this new form of sale and why not choose one of the pins with a larger number issued.

Anonymous said...

what on earth would 'stakeholders' want with a 500 days to go pin when theres 230 or so days to go?!?!? the only purpose this pin serves at this point is to help complete collections. slightly worrying that honav need to be told that!

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see how many of these "stakeholders" turn out to be E**y Sellers for these pins won't it!!!!

Anonymous said...

This pin is no up for ordering ordered mine yesterday but was on night duty when i got reply through

Anonymous said...

Hi All

i see these pins have now sold out and that none as yet have been on ebay.

so hopefully they went to collectors rather than people just wanting to make a few pounds.

Anonymous said...

I see the first pin has surfaced on EBay.

Starting bid of £10 + £3 postage from Rugby.

Will Honav tell us beforehand when they plan to issue more "limited" pins like this one, I think I might be able to sell a few and retire on the ill gotten gains.

Who said it was nothing to do with blood-sucking vampires ?