Friday, 11 March 2011

11/3: 500 DTG Pins Available from 9.00am on 12th March

A couple of days ago, there was a comment on the London Pins message board about the being able to buy the 500 day to go pins in advance so that they could be worn on the day.

I'm pleased to say that in direct response to that comment, I've been told that the sale date has been brought forward and the 500 day to go pins will be available for sale from 9am tomorrow morning - Saturday 12th March.

I understand that stock is with some retailers and that they have been told that it can be sold from tomorrow morning.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check with your preferred retailer before making any journeys just in case they aren't aware or haven't got their stock yet, but my understanding is that some (maybe all) of the retailers will sell 500 day to go pins from tomorrow.

It just goes to show that the blog and forum are read by people with influence!!

Thank you to LOCOG and Honav for listening to the collectors.


Bill said...

I've seen them on the 2012 shop site and at Glamorous Trading.

pinmaster said...

may faith in all things good is dashed, after the promise that the 2012 stores would stock the 500 day pins early both station stores told me today that they have been expressly told not to sell them before tuesday.... oh communication, oh well they have until July to get it right for 1 year to go

Anonymous said...

Pinmaster, that's really disappointing since I was told that they would be on sale today. I hope you didn't travel to find that you couldn't get them.

Just checked the communication I received yesterday on the subject and it doesn't explicitly state that it's ALL retailers, but it also doesn't state that it's JUST online.

As the 2012 online store and GT both have them available, it looks like a couple of online outlets acted on the news.

Anonymous said...

500 Days to go pins are now on sales at London 2012 St Pancras