Monday, 28 March 2011

28/2: Retail Update

Just a couple of updates as far as retailers are concerned today.

As you all know, the mascot guard pins that were launched on 1st March were exclusive to the London 2012 shops for a month. Glamorous Living have today started stocking these pins, so if you're interested, take a look at

The London 2012 shop pin that was also launched on 1st March was originally only available at the new Heathrow T5 shop. That pin is now available at the St. Pancras shop too.


Bill said...

I also noticed today that pins are also available on the Amazon website.

Pinmaster said...

How are Honav ever going to achieve 2012 retail pins we're only at about 250 in 20 months since the 4 years to go pin, only about 12 in march and aprils first set have been withdrawn

Over 100 per month, every month until July 2012, not at this rate