Monday, 21 March 2011

21/3: New Atos Origin Pin

A new partner pin from Atos Origin was spotted today. This is pin number two from Atos Origin and combines the company logo with a silver 2012 logo.

Pin ATO0002

This pin comes on a card with an image of the Olympic Stadium

If there are any Atos Origin readers out there that would like to contribute one of these pins to the collection, please feel free to email!

Thanks to a reader for the news and pictures.


Anonymous said...

After not getting a reply from these people I rang them up and was told their pins were not for the general public. Next time I will claim to be a member of the Royal Family!

Paul said...

You're lucky to have had a reply. My first phone call was on hold for 8 minutes, then I was passed around 3 departments and eventually ended up with an answering machine.
The second phone call went straight to an answering machine and I'm still waiting for someone to call me back.

Not exactly what you'd call excellent customer service. Ok, I'm not a customer - but they didn't know that!

Acer said...

I've had no trouble with Atos Origin; they simply don't answer me at all. I take it that they just erase all the emails that they get. Definately a sponsor that does not get it!

Bill said...

Like most people here, I never received a response to my enquiry.