Thursday, 31 March 2011

31/3: Crowns Set

A new set of pins was announced today. The Crowns set comprises of 7 pins in a frame which show Royal Crowns 'through the years'.

The pins show the following crowns:

1066 - Harold II
1216 - Henry III
1461 - Edward IV
1625 - Charles I
1661 - St Edward's Crown (Charles II)
1820 - The State Diadem (George IV)
1837 - Imperial State Crown (Victoria)

Please note, these details are subject to correction as they are based on my poor eyesight and my Ladybird book of Kings and Queens!

Each crown has jewels attached.

The set is priced at £50 and is limited to 5,000 pieces. Pin numbers are 469-475 and availability is from Monday 4th April. I do not believe these pins will be available individually.

Glamorous Living are already taking orders

This set has been released in time for the forthcoming Royal Wedding at the end of April.