Wednesday, 9 March 2011

9/3: Mini Pin

No, not  a smaller version of another pin this time. But a pin of a Mini.

Pin MINI0001
Thanks to a reader for sending me the details. This pin was issued on 1st March to workers at the Cowley plant just outside Oxford where BMW produce the Mini, The pin shows a cream coloured car with an orange logo and the wording 'official partner'.

No word on the issue size.


Acer said...

You had me worried for a second; I didn't really get the mini pin. This Mini pin is super cool though.

Pippin said...

I understand that Cowley workers were warned last week not to trade Company gifts for profit. So don't expect too many of these pins on e-Bay.

Pippin said...

The photo does not do this pin justice! To date, I think this is probably my favourite Sponsor pin.