Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15/3: Ticketing Pin

So, it's 500 days to go, you've just applied for your tickets, and wait!  Here's the opportunity for a pin...

A reader, Pippin, has said that when he made his ticket application, he got the chance to purchase a Ticketing pin.

No word on issue size but given the number of tickets that are available, I guess it's a big number!

I believe that this pin is one of the 2,012 retail pins, but I need to confirm that.


Geoff said...

It says delivery in September 2011. So I guess the issue may well depend on number of applications.

Bill said...

As my wife wryly commented, "I bet that they will let you buy the merchandise, including this pin, even if your are unsuccessful with your ticket application." Wise words indeed.

Geoff said...

It says you will only be billed for merchandise if your ticket application is successful. However individual items may appear on the London 2012 store.
(The Pin won't as it's being listed as exclusive to ticketing).