Sunday, 12 February 2012

12/2: Logo Pins

There are a few logo pins around that, whilst they have been available for a while, have not been widely announced. I came across them this week and thought that they were a new issue, but have been reliably informed that they are not new. The confusion may have arisen as these are designed for the high volume market (supermarkets etc.) and are therefore not targeted at collectors.

The pins are standard logos in the 4 London 2012 brand colours, but in a 'mini' size of 18mm x x20mm and are pin number 0451 - 0454. These pins are limited to 350,000 pieces each whereas the original logo pins are unlimited and can made as required.

Pin 0451

There is also a new version of the Union Flag logo pin. This is pin 0987 and has an issue size of 1.5 million pieces. it is the same size as the original logo pins. This pin is not a cut-through pin, i.e. the gaps between the numbers are filled-in. The pin also appears to have a resin layer over it rather than the standard enamel finish.

Pin 0987

This is now the 9th version of the Union Flag pin in the range of 2,012 pins and looks to be the replacement for pin 0011 which may be close to selling out despite its 100,000 issue size as it has proved a very popular design I understand.


Anonymous said...

Any details yet of who is / will be selling them ?

Has anyone obtained any yet ?

Anthony said...

from the picture, the 987 pin looks very much like the 443 that was available only in the set with the 2 white logo pins. anyone with both able to confirm this or explain the difference please?

London Pins said...

Anthony, the main differences are..

443 is larger, 443 is cut through and 987 is not, the base of 443 is thicker than 987 too.

Anthony said...

ok got it, thanks