Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14/2: British Trees Set

A new boxed set of British Trees has been announced. This is a set of 17 pins and I understand they will not be available individually.

These are pins 0801 - 0817 and are limited to 2,012 pieces each. The boxed set is priced at £135.

The trees that have been selected are...

  • English Elm
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Silver Birch
  • English oak
  • Willow
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Blackthorn
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Beech
  • Aspen
  • Yew
  • Holly
  • Lime
  • Pine

Two of the pins are shown below in more detail

Pin 0806 - English Oak

Pin 0815 - Holly

Each pin combines a silhouette of the full tree as a frosted silver background with the name of the tree stamped in silver too within the silhouette. Laid over that is the leaf and sometimes the fruit of the tree, both in coloured enamel with the shadow of the let picked out as shiny silver. Finally each pin bears an coloured Olympic Games or Paralympic Games logo. These are a very well designed set of pins as they combine so many elements and different styles of manufacture.

The pins are arranged in the boxed set in a tree shape to finish off the package. Unfortunately, there is no inlay card or any details about the trees on the packaging, which would have been a great feature. In my opinion, one of the best sets we have seen so far.


Anonymous said...

erm......trees, olympics.........olympics, trees....sorry just dont get it??!!??

Acer said...

I guess this is what happens when you decide to put out 2012 different pins!

noel 9 said...

Will I buy this set ?. I "WOOD" n't count on it. The Crown Set was costly but nice.... This set "LEAFS" me cold. Collectors sets that collector may want to collect is what is wanted. Too Pricey as a set. As seperate pins would have been better. Then you could have sorted out the ones you like and wanted to buy..... ie you could have seen the WOOD for the TREES . But what do I know..... I'm BARKING after all

London Pins said...

Ok, let me start by saying that I agree with the original comment of 'What have trees got to do with the Olympics?', but right or wrong, the London 2012 pin programme contains designs which (and I quote) 'represent London, the UK and every part of the London 2012 Games, from culture to sport, from the environment to education'.

Which leads me on to agreeing with the second comment, when you've committed to a programme of 2,012 pins, there have to be lots of designs, we won't all agree they all make good subjects.

So, would I have chosen to have these subjects - no. Would I like to see a set of Famous GB Olympian pins (Daley T., Steve R., Sally G) - you betcha.

But I go back to my comments in the original post, I think these are a well designed set of pins with real though in the design and execution.

Finally I agree with Noel, selling them individually would allow people to choose their favourite and it's not a cheap set.

So, there we are, I've agreed with everyone and solved nothing. Right, politics here I come!

Anonymous said...

perhaps it might have been wiser to plan 2012 designs BEFORE announcing there would be 2012 different pins and then thinking "oh heck, what the hell we going to do?"?

Pippin said...

We saw some of these pins in Stratford at the last pin meet, and I thought then that they would probably make a good pin set. I can see that I will not be disappointed, probably the best set to date! I love them!!

Yes, I’m also a little disappointed that these pins are not available individually, because I mentioned them to my neighbours last week as ideal gifts. Their daughter and grand-daughter are named Holly and Willow. Looks like that idea is now out!

These pins will make a great compliment to my “Trees in Britain” album of Brooke Bond tea cards, which I collected back in 1966. Now all we need is “British Butterflies”, and I would be really happy. Unfortunately, I gave up collecting when I left school, so I missed “Olympic Greats” in 1979. Maybe you have this album, Paul?

noel 9 said...

I have an old trunk of the Brook Bond Albums... my favourite was the Flags of all Nations and transport. Not sure if ever had the Olympic set, I think by then my parents changed brands. Anyway back to the Tree Pins. Great Designs. But to be honest does not inspire me to think OLYMPICS. BUT we did have a Dog set, and Dogs Love Trees. A set based on sports equipment would be nice. Shot Put, Hammer, stop clock, Running Shoe etc. Or More 2012 Logo colour variations. BLUE,BLACK RED,YELLOW & GREEN I am sure these colours have something to do with the Olympic Movement !!!!! .... no more Union Flags PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Once again an over priced set. Will they ever learn?

wookie said...

Pippin, I did suggest butterflies to John months ago, and he liked the idea, so maybe you will get your wish.

John Honav said...

Sorry Wookie, no butterflies planned

Anonymous said...

i would like a set of british worms and grubs

wookie said...

That's a shame John, potentially butterflies would have been the most attractive of all the pins issued.

Count Dracula said...


Why should Honav issue anything that we (the collector) wants ?

Just contacted Betfair, latest odds (2/1) on the next set at £175 being toilet seats through the ages, then a set (unpriced) featuring Olympic tickets 1896 to 2008 (no 2012 to be issued as no one I know (except Coe and his Locog friends) know what one looks like.

It appears that somewhere along the line the idea that we could obtain a full set of all 2012 pins was killed stone dead by the 500 days and Faith pins NOT being available to normal pin collectors.

So what do Honav do ? issue trees at £135 a set when they could have sold a lot more individual pins.

A note for John Honav, FANGS for nothing pal, Count Dracula is still here, where will you and Coe and the stakeholders be next Xmas ? hopefully not running another p**s up in a brewery.

How many days to go ?

Anonymous said...

I hear Honav do a neat line in wooden stakes

Anonymous said...

The 500 days to go are available on ebay, not sure about the Faith pin

London Pins said...

Can we please keep the comments non-personal. Having a view about a company or organisation is one thing, but having a go at individuals who may only be part of a larger decision making team is not fair.


noel 9 said...

I do think that more input could have been asked from "US" pin collectors. I know some of us (me for one) can be quick to dismiss a set of pins for being slightly not as good as the price would have suggested. Remember a large number of OUR little pin group must have bought 90% plus of all the 2012 retail pin designs that have been issued for themselves, should we not AS CUSTOMERS be able to have our say. ? At £5.00 to £7.50 per pin we have invested alot of money in our collections. ( and to be honest as a collection it may never be worth what we originally paid for it ) We all knew there may be pins that would be difficult to get, thats the fun of collecting BUT when pins are produced knowing that the availablity will be very limited... or not generally available that is not fare OR very BRITISH. And if I am not wrong, is BEING Fare to everyone not part of the Olympic Oath ! and the fact the Olympics is a British affair goes without saying

I know the people that matter read these messages, as they are always quick to defend or have removed comments that are too near the knuckle. Fare Play to all. You hopefully would not kick a puppy.... so don't kick us pinheads either. I do not want to buy new pins on the secondary market at higher prices... I would prefer my money went to help fund the games and the orgainistation direct. Not put money in the pocket of people who give nothing back to the hobby.

If I have upset anyone with these comments I do apologise..... but if I have pricked someones conscience whilst reading it , for that I do not apologise.

Things need to change. How many more of the remaining 2012 designs are goings to NOT be widely available ? None I hope. I WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO AT LEAST BUY ALL OF THE 2012 DESIGNS. Chosing not should be my choice.

Count Dracula said...

So why are they on EBay and not on GL, P and T, CB and MofL.

Because we are being taken for a ride.
If you want a FULL set of 2012, buy the one's in the display cases.

Tell me again how much they cost.

Apart from an article on the London 2012 website, nothing to tell us that the Faith pin existed or had been issued. Why should it appear on EBay ? Because like the 500 days, ticket pins and this one, we are being taken for fools. What is it they say about mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them ****.

It wasn't John at Honav I was having a go at, it was the WHOLE Honav setup.

Count Dracula

noel 9 said...

The Trees are now on Glam Trading at £135

Count Dracula said...

noel 9

I could not have put it better myself.

The question is - will anyone at Honav / Locog take the slightest bit of notice.

I see Betfair have already stopped taking bets that they do not.

Count Dracula

Coin Bazaar said...

This Tree Set is now available from http://www.coinbazaar.co.uk