Thursday, 2 February 2012

2/2: Pubs and Bars Set

A new set of pins has been announced in the British Life series. The pubs and bars boxed set consists of 11 pins.

These pins show characteristic images to represent pubs across the country and display...
  • a pub meal
  • a fireplace
  • a 'last orders' bell
  • a pub quiz notice
  • a dartboard
  • a jukebox
  • a pool table
  • a bar stool and bar
  • a hanging basket
  • a pub
  • a beer garden
These are pins 690 - 700 and are each limited to 3,000 pieces and I understand are only available in the boxed set.


Coin Bazaar said...

This pin set is now available from

CarsmilesSteve said...

A set of pub badges and none of them have a pint in them??? How bizarre...

Anonymous said...

Seen the pins and they look great. Will definitely be adding to my collection!