Sunday, 19 February 2012

19/2: Pin Meet - May

At previous pin meets, we've discussed the possibility of having monthly pin meets in the run up to the Games. We've also discussed the option of having a meet to coincide with the start of the torch relay, and holding that meet at Land's End.

I've canvassed the opinions of those that have attended the previous get-togethers as to the location for a meet in May, and the vast majority agree that whilst a meet at Land's End would be a excellent and appropriate event, the practicalities for most would mean they wouldn't be able to attend.

Therefore I would like to propose the meeting in May to coincide with the start of the torch relay, but to hold it at the usual place in Stratford.

The details are...

Date: Saturday 19th May 2012
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: The Railway Tavern, Angel Lane, Stratford, London, E15 1DB

As usual, the pub's owners have very kindly allowed us to use the conservatory free of charge and continue to be very supportive of our group.

I will of course approach the friendly sponsors, especially as 2 of them are presenting partners of the torch relay, and see if they are are to offer any pins to the collectors who register and attend.

As usual, please confirm your interest in attending by emailing me at Any freebies will be distributed in the order that people sign up.

I know we haven't even had the March meet yet, but now the events are getting closer together, it is inevitable that arrangements for meets will have to run in parallel.

There's no meet arranged for April yet. As Wednesday 18th is the date of the 100 day to go milestone, I'm trying to see if there are any LOCOG or sponsor events that we could be a part of. Failing that, maybe Saturday 21st April would be the best date for a meet, although at this stage I have no venue booked. If possible, you may want to leave your diaries free on that day, just in case.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the meet in May. At the moment we have around 25 people registered for the meet in March - lots of 'regulars' still to sign up yet. Please remember to drop me an email if you plan to attend either meet.


Vincent said...

Around the same date (17/20 May 2012) the 18th Olympic Collectors World Fair will take place in Athens (Greece).
Participants will receive an invitation to attend the London 2012 Flame Handover Ceremony on Thursday 17th May in Athens.

Anthony said...

In Athens, the organising committee put together a pintraders fair on the date of 100 days to go in a plaza in the city centre. Perhaps LOCOG might think about doing something similar if they really want to get more people involved as they claim?