Friday, 3 February 2012

3/2: Mother's Day Pin and More...

New issues spotted on Glamorous Living's site tonight in addition to the pubs and bars set mentioned earlier.

To complement the Father's Day pin issued last year, London 2012 have issued a Mother's Day pin in advance of March 18th, the day on which it falls this year (incidentally my Mum's birthday!).

Pin 0577

The pin shows a bunch or pink roses and a pink London 2012 logo. The Father's Day pin was limited to 2,012 pieces and I would assume the same for this pin too.

The next pin is Mandeville playing 7-a-side football. This is the second pin of Mandeville playing football as the previous one (0495) was 5-a-side football,

The final pins are large, medium and small versions of a printed Union Flag logo.

Pin 0702

Pin 0703

Pin 0704
No issue sizes on these 3 pins, but expect them to be large.


Coin Bazaar said...

The Mother's Day pins are now available at