Thursday, 1 March 2012

1/3: New Logo Pins

The gold and silver logo pins spotted at the pin meet in Stratford back in January are soon to be released. The combine a shiny and frosted effect for an excellent looking pin.

Pin 1049

Pin 1050

Pin 1053

Pin 1054

These pins are approximately the same size as the original logo pins rather than a mini- or midi- version. I understand they will be available shortly and the price will be £6. No information yet on issue sizes.

Update: The issue size for each of these pins is 50,000. One of the designs (1053 - the gold Olympic logo) is already sold out, but don't worry there are more coming in around 6 weeks. The initial batch of pins was completely taken by Marks & Spencer and that is why our regular retailers may not have them for a while. If you cannot wait, get down to M&S!


noel 9 said...

Nice Pins at a good price...... 3 of the 4 can be found at the home of the Glamorous Fairy tonight

Coin Bazaar said...

These pins will be available from

week commencing 12/3/2012

Matt said...

Hi Guys, has anyone seen the Olympic Gold one? Any idea if M&S brought the batch for Retail or Staff purposes??

Coin Bazaar said...

These pins have now arrived at

Sleathy said...

GUYS - I cannot find the Olympic Gold one .... can you?

London Pins said...

Sleathy, the first batch were completely taken by M&S. At the moment it looks like they are not in their stores. The next batch should be available in a few weeks. I imaging those will get to the usual retailers.

Bill said...

M&S at Westfield 2 weeks ago, said that they would be having an Olympic display which would probably include the gold pin at the end of the month. They took my number and said that they would call me when the pins were in stock. If the news dosen't appear hear first I'll let everyone know when I get the news.