Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27/3: Retail Update

News of some changes to issue sizes and some more sold out pins today...

The recently released lower case letter pins are marked as being from an issue size of 3,000 each. I've been told though, that in fact no more than 900 of each of these pins will be produced. Given that 500 of each will be retained for the complete sets to be issued when all 2,012 pins are available, it means that only 400 of each will be available for retail. Remember that some of the upper case letters have started to sell out, so it's possible that some of these new letters may be a bit harder to get as time goes on.

More pins are now sold out at the manufacturer, although some stocks may be available at the retailers for a while. The pins in question are

0073 Soldier
0133 Olympic Pictogram - Swimming
0137 Olympic Pictogram - Athletics
0139 Olympic Pictogram - Basketball
0146 Olympic Pictogram - Track Cycling
0151 Olympic Pictogram - Football
0152 Olympic Pictogram - Artistic Gymnastics
0156 Olympic Pictogram - Hockey
0157 Olympic Pictogram - Judo
0159 Olympic Pictogram - Rowing
0171 Paralympic Pictogram - Athletics