Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6/3: Pin Meet Photo in London 2012 'Local Leaders' email

The eagle-eyed amongst you who have signed up as Local Leaders (LL) may have noticed that the last pin meet is featured in the photo in the LL email we received today. I missed it until it was pointed out on the message board. Unfortunately there's no mention of the meet in the text.

Here's a clip from the top of the email.


Mikeyboy said...

Would "Anonymous" from the previous topic let us all know if he's in the picture anywhere?!

noel 9 said...

Well that would be telling, but as for me I got cut out in the edit.

I Blame that stripey shirt I was wearing..... and before anyone thinks I AM THE MAIN SUSPECT, think again..... The Mystery Pin Seller is NOT I.... But I know a man, that knows a man, who stood by a person, who knows who it was....... I THINK !

See you Guys on Saturday...... Will the Mystery Be Solved..... Ask Scooby

Anonymous said...

they seek him here they seek him there they seek that damned elusive pinseller everywhere