Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27/3: More IOC Logo Pins

Back in October 2011, the first of the IOC Museum pins were issued. These pins depicted posters and logos from previous Olympic Games and used designs taken from the IOC Museum.

The remaining logo pins are now being issued and should be available from the end of this week. The pins display logos from Games such as Paris 1924 and Beijing 2008 as well as a pin displaying the logo of the IOC Museum itself.
Pin 0779
Pin 0798
Pin 0799
Although the original issue size for these pins was planned to be 5,000 pieces each, I'm told that these latest pins will be limited to 600 pieces each. If you consider that 500 of every pin is being retained for the complete sets to be produced later this year, then only 100 of each of these pins will be available to buy. If you collect this series, be ready to move quickly.

These pins will be available later this week and are priced at £6 each.


Anonymous said...

Pins obviously aren't selling as well as honav hoped they would

Anonymous said...

These pins have just become available on Pins and Things this morning

Anonymous said...

Still doesn't seem as if the entire collection has been released - no Sydney 2000 logo (number 0796).

Coin Bazaar said...

These new pins are now available at http://www.coinbazaar.co.uk

Here's the link: