Monday, 26 March 2012

26/3: 100 Day to Go Pins

With the 100 days to go milestone fast approaching, here are the pins that will be available to mark both the Olympic (18th April) and Paralympic (21st May) dates.

As for previous releases, there will be a 'shard' version as well as one for each mascot. These pins show each mascot in their 'Breaking the Tape' pose.

Pin 0929 
Pin 0930
Pin 0948

This time, I'm told the pins will not be available to buy until the day. Each pin is limited to 2,012 pieces but a large number of each have already been snapped up by London 2012 stakeholders (not my word!) meaning that there will be limited numbers available for retail sale. I don't have a clear definition of how small those numbers will be, but if you collect countdown pins, I wouldn't hang around on the day.

I'm not sure if your favourite sellers will have stock in advance of April 18th. Each pin is priced at £7.


Pin Master said...

again Honav to their cost dont listen to collectors, or dont care what collections think. Im outside London and want to wear my pin on the day not a week or two after or when the stocks finally arrive

Mikeyboy said...

My fave web-based retailer appears to have early stock of all three pins. Well, they've invoiced me anyway!

I'd imagine that the "not available until the day" thing will apply to the official 2012 Shop. This was the case for the 200DTG pins - several retailers were advertising them in advance, but St Pancras wouldn't sell them over the counter as they weren't allowed to (even though the girl admitted they had them).

I'm not Honav's biggest fan but are they to blame? After all, they're not the retailer. IF pin stocks ARE quite limited, then I can understand the official retail outlets not selling these until the big day, otherwise they'd sell out in advance and then people on the actual day would be complaining!

Sleathy said...

Just a quick question .....which online dealer do you use???