Sunday, 25 March 2012

25/3: Retailer Update

A couple of brief updates tonight from two of the retailers popular with collectors.

Coin Bazaar has now started stocking the Royal Mail Olympic stamp products as well as pins and coins. Those of you that collect across various product line may want to check out the updates to the site...

Click here for the Stamp and Pin packs and click here for the stamp and coin packs.

Remember that the 30 stamp pins issued by the Royal Mail are part of the 2,012 retail pins that will be issued by London 2012.

The second update is from Glamorous Living. They are now selling the white London street scene pins individually. Click here to see more.


coinbazaar said...

The Royal Mint offerings of 'Stamp & Pins' and 'Stamp & Coins' for the London 2012 have proved very popular. The Pins in these packs are from Honav. The 50p coins are from the Royal Mint.

There are 30 sports in each set to collect. The Table Tennis Stamp & Pin is yet to be released.

Regarding the other update above, coin bazaar does the Blue Street Scene and the White Street Scene pins individually too.