Wednesday, 7 March 2012

6/3: New Festival Pin Announced

News today of a new pin to celebrate the summer-long London 2012 festival programme. The pin uses the London 2012 logo in pink WITHOUT the Olympic rings on a silver background with the word 'Festival' recessed in the background.

Pin 1065

This is pin 1065 and there's no information on issue size at the moment. Price will be £5 and it should be available but he end of the week.


minicooper67 said...

There is a set of four of these available from our Glamourous friends this evening.
Off topic but news... Letters q and x available also

Coin Bazaar said...

This pin will be available for purchase from:

week commencing 12/3/2012

Coin Bazaar said...

These pins have now arrived and available from: