Thursday, 29 March 2012

29/3: Cats and Other Pets

Given that we've already seen dog pins, it's probably only natural that there are some cat pins and pins for other pets!

14 new pins have been announced - 5 showing cats and 9 with other pets on them. 4 are shown here and the pins are numbered 0931 - 0944.

Pin 0934

Pin 0936

Pin 0938

Pin 0940
As with the previous animal pins the name of the animal is printed into the background and the Olympic or Paralympic logo is suspended underneath the animal.

The 14 pins are

Siamese cat
Burmese cat
British shorthair cat
Guinea Pig

No information on issue size or price so far.

What's a Jinx?
In that list of cats, you may have noticed a 'Jinx'. I'm no cat expert, but has anyone ever heard of a Jinx? The only Jinx cat I can find is the cartoon cat with Pixie and Dixie (now I'm showing my age). Ideas anyone?

Pin 0925 - but what's a Jinx?


Anthony said...

jeez, i know getting 2012 unique pins is proving difficult but i dont think inventing animals is the answer :-)

Cynthia brann said... may I recieve the pony one?

noel 9 said...

I hate them mices to pieces.... as I do the concept of these pins. WHY ! Whos choice were these ? what is next ? Garden Tools....(we are nation of gardeners) I would dig deep and folk out for those!

The Only connection I can think that connects Cats To Jinx is Bad Luck... as in cat crossing your path... but that would normally be a BLACK PUSSY CAT

Bad Luck and Jinxing the games.... ! I do hope not.

Mikeyboy said...

Seriously, what's with all the darn wildlife? Half the entire pin collection is plants and animals! Goldfish? Honav have totally lost the plot. The final pin in the series ought to be a picture of a great big steaming pile of cr*p. It would sum things up nicely!

If they were struggling for ideas, why didn't they have, say, a nautical theme? We ARE an island, after all! Or an industrial heritage theme - Britain's invented pretty much everything.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a set of National dishes

Pippin said...

Chicken! I know somebody who would be happy with a chicken pin!!

Pippin said...

I suppose the Pony will be £25?

Anthony said...

and the monkey will be .......... oh no, wait, theres no monkey. dammit, just when i thought all those hours watching Minder were about to pay off, ive been cruelly robbed

noel 9 said...

Slang Terms for Money would have been a good theme MONKEY, PONY, LADY GODIVA, GRAND, CROWN, TANNER, TUPPENCE, THRUPPENCE, TEN BOB, Penny etc etc . OK they may not mean much to Johnny Foreigner...but would say more about british life than Pets. Pets Win Prizes..... me thinks not this time.

Or What about the Old Traditional Pub Signs. They could be good, and VERY TRADITIONAL.

roseeslondon2012 said...

Way to excited! Thanks

Bill said...

I'm rabbiting with coke today!

Anthony said...

i'm running the Olympic park, however it seems the most suitable animal from the list above, in the absence of elephant or wooly haired mammoth, is the tortoise :-) good luck with coke, sure you'll be fine, frankie seems like a really nice guy

Anonymous said...

Running the Park? You'll probably do a better job than locog :)

acer said...

Wasn't Jinx the cat in "Meet the Fockers"? Still a silly idea with all these pet pins. They need to get back to letting the kids design the pins again!

Felix The Cat said...

I want to know what a Jinx is (as in the cat anyway). Perhaps it is an ancient breed long thought to be extinct but re found by Honav and LOCOG lurking somewhere in Startford and re-introduced to the masses.

Or maybe it was a mistake and was meant to be something else (can’t think what)

Either way I just want to know!

Felix The Cat said...

Stratford even, lol

Pippin said...

Anonymous, Yesterday in the Olympic Park, there was a five mile fun-run, which some 5,000 competitors finished with a lap of the track inside the Olympic Stadium. I think this was what Anthony meant when he said that he was "running the Olympic Park".

Pippin said...

Felix, Maybe somebody can't spell "Lynx", although I'm not sure who would keep one as a pet?

noel 9 said...

Well I did think it may have been a MANX, found in the Isle of Man but this Pussy has a Tail. So no prize for me.

I was concerned that even Felix the Cat does not know who this Jinx Puddy Tatt is. And he is an authority in this matter. ( and a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL CAT ! )

I wonder if it is the name of Lord Coe's Feline.... or maybe the office Cat at Honav HQ...... I do not think that even Scooby can solve this mystery kids ?

London Pins said...

I've found out that Jinx is actually named after a LOCOG employee's cat. It is not a breed at all. Now you know!

Noel - you were closer with your suggestion than you may have thought!

Anonymous said...

So some fat cat in LOCOG gets a pin named after his cat, surely the spirit of the games would have meant that as competition should be held rather than giving a pin name to employees.

How do I get a pin named after me?

Anthony said...

im not sure 'anonymous' would look that good on a pin

PinMaster007 said...

That is pathetic !!!
Pin named after a LOCOG employee's cat.......what is next?

Anthony said...

a pin named after 'anonymous' apparently :-)

Acer said...

Its too bad that the Jinx pin wasn't a limited edition one so that this blow hard could get more notoriety for his cat. Obviously the Anonymous
pin would have to be unlimited so that all those so named could buy that pin.

Coin Bazaar said...

These pins are now available from:

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