Monday, 5 March 2012

5/3: Pin Collectors Meet - Saturday 10th March

A final invite to anyone who would like to join us at the next London 2012 Pin Collectors meet this Saturday - 10th March 2012.

We will be meeting at 2.30pm in the Railway Tavern, Angel Lane, Stratford.

The meet is completely free to join and we would love to see as many pin collectors there as possible.. It doesn't matter if you have a huge set of pins to trade or you are just starting out with your London 2012 collection.

We are a friendly bunch and you will get the chance to meet and talk to fellow collectors.

Representative from Coca-Cola will be there and I hope they will be able to share some details about the Coca-Cola pin trading centres.

If you haven't already put your name down, or you would like some more information, please drop me a line at


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for another Pin Meet as it appears that someone is almost out of traders!

Anonymous said...

who's that? the canadians? the greeks? the lloyds employees? the EDF employees? or the coke employees? all of whom have been selling on ebay in recent weeks! amazing how some people have so little to worry about that they have to resort to bullying an individual on here, give the guy a break!

Anthony said...

Oh dear, I thought this nonsense was dead by now. Anonymous, whomever you might be, if you really have a problem, why not come talk to me on Saturday, man to man, and we can discuss the situation (that's assuming you're bothering to show up to the meet). Otherwise why not let things lie?
I'm looking forward to a great meet, catching up with friends and new collectors alike and comparing collections and traders which, contrary to earlier opinion, will be plentiful on Saturday but most importantly having lots of laughing, joking and smiling. Anyone looking to do the same knows where to find me :-)

Matt said...

Hi Guys,

I'm gutted to miss the Pin Meet, it would have been my first one, i'm slowly starting my collection. Let me know if there are any leaflets/docs being given away, i'm using this site as my hub for research (we appreciate all your efforts, despite Anonymous' comments!). BTW - Thanks for the hook up to Glamorous Living, I got me my Handover Stamp Set (Brand New aswell!!!)

Anonymous said...

Yes you will rushing into the Tolets to quickly down load your Free Booty on to EBAY. Why wait for the train ride home. The early seller on ebay catches the highest bids.

I just love people in the wrong who take the moral high ground.

Anthony said...

I'm commenting as myself, with nothing to hide.

Whilst you're so convinced you're right, you're staying anonymous!

acer said...

Reading all these comments it would appear we have three different persons named Anonymous! How about some nice comments about how excited one and all should be about this upcoming show that Paul has worked so hard to put together for everyone.

London Pins said...

Guys, I'm trying to convince new collectors we're a friendly bunch and accepting of all. Having this conversation in public is really not the best way of discussing what someone does with pins received at the meet. I can't take this offline as I don't know who Anonymous is or are so cannot email to discuss.

Please remember that it's possibly more than one person who has put the freebies on eBay and if people feel they would like to discuss it further, then great, but let's talk about it at the next meet. This public conversation is not doing collectors or us as a group any good.

Thank you.

London Pins said...

Matt, sorry to hear you cannot make it. We are getting together again on May 19th and maybe some of us possibly on or around 18th April for 100 days to go. Hopefully we can arrange something this weekend. Glad the the website is helping out.

noel 9 said...

I agree..... There are more worrying matters to condsider..... Like will the Jubilee Line Be ok on Saturday.... will the weather be good.....will Tom be wearing his hat..... will Wookie be standing in the right place at the right time AGAIN .....will I find that B****Y FAITH PIN .....

What will happen will happen. I suspect the more we all talk about "PIN GATE" the more HE or SHE or THEY will enjoy the matter.

Saturday is about having FUN.... and remember Paul works very hard to ensure we have a good time. He does the hard work, we just turn up.

PS) I hope I did not upset anyone with my comments.... but I just wanted to Lighten The Mood before THE PIN FIGHT AT THE RAILWAY TAVERN next Saturday

PPS) Sorry Tom..... I love the Hat really

See all you Guys and Gals Saturday

dax smith said...

wish i could come to the meet,i would love to see peoples collections and learn from more experienced collectors.i only have around 20 pins so far.hopefully i will get to one of the meets.i live in north yorkshire so its a fair old trip to come down.also ive never been to london so will find it a bit daunting

Matt said...

Yeah I will definetely be looking to come down for the 19th May, let me know if there is anything concrete about the 18th April aswell (i'm in London for my Games Maker training that weekend anyway). Hope today goes well, please let me know any news that surfaces :-)

James said...

Hi Guys, Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday, I have family over from New Zealand. Hope you all made plenty of trades and see you next time. Regards James