Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1/5: Flags, Hats and Hearts

A new series of pins has been announced today and they all feature the popular Union Flag theme. The first are a set of 3 flag/logo pins pairing the Union Flag with the Olympic Games logo in white and flag colours and also with the Paralympic Game slog in white.

I would imagine that these will be very popular and have no details on issue sizes at the moment.

Pin 0635 
Pin 0636
Pin 0637

Continuing the red, white and blue theme are a pair of hat pins showing a bowler hat with a Union Flag logo and also a patriotic top hat with a white Games logo. Although I do not know issue sizes at the moment, remember the previous bowler hat pin sold out fairly quickly.

Pin 1133
Pin 1134

The final two pins announced today are the Team GB heart and star pins to compliment the Paralympics version issued last week.

Pin 0656
Pin 0658

Like the Paralympics GB versions, these two pins are limited to 2,012 pieces.

All of these pins should be available very soon.

Update: The issue sizes of the flags and hats are all 10,000


Matt said...

I like the Union Jack ones, simple and effective. Can't help but think that isn't the end of the Jubilee Lineup.

P.S. Do we know if they are going to release Bronze Mascots/Logos to go with the Gold/Silver ones already out??

wookie said...

John, are there are any plans for a flags of the competing nations series?
They are always nice

John_Honav said...

Hi Wookie
All I can say is watch this space, I am sure you will not be disapointed!