Thursday, 17 May 2012

18/5: Torch Relay Pin Set

Here it is in all its glory - the 70-pin framed set celebrating the Olympic Torch Relay. Apologies for the file size, but it lets you see a lot of detail.

Click to view a larger image

Counting up the pins, you may notice that there are 75 in the set even though there are 70 days in the relay. There are 2 pins for the first day and I presume 2 for the final day, so somewhere along the route it seems that a few extra pins have sneaked in!

These can be ordered from a number of retailers during the relay itself, and then they will be dispatched once the Games start. Hopefully we'll get some news from the retailers soon.

I hope to have information on the size of the frame soon.


Sleathy said...

THANK YOU! They look marvelous! I will be trying to get the Leicester Pin as I live in Loughborough. I wish there was a Loughborough Pin of some sort ...seeing that Team GB is being largely based at Loughborough ....Any news on Gamesmaker Pins anywhere?

minicooper67 said...

Just for your information i have just heard from our Glamourous friends that this set will retail at £580

Anonymous said...

Do you have any background on the 18-day pin set that has been issued and where this pin set can be obtained?