Friday, 18 May 2012

18/5: Coca Cola Bottle Set - Updated Info

There have been a number of comments regarding the photograph of the Coca-Cola bottle pin set I posted a few days ago.

To clear up any confusion, this is a set created as a Premia incentives gift by the Coca-Cola bottling subsidiary in the UK to be given away to specific clients and customers. 

It is not being offered for sale to the public and should not be confused with the official Coca-Cola Olympic and Paralympic Games retail pins that will be released for sale in the run up to the Games, including the hugely collectible 'Pin of the Day' single pins, and the Limited Edition framed bottle sets of these Pins.

These will be available from the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centres and on-line only.

Please don't contact Coca-Cola for one of these sets as they are not being distributed to collectors.