Tuesday, 8 May 2012

8/5: insidethegames.biz Launch Puzzle Set

insidethegames.biz have released the first in what will be a set of 6 pins to celebrate London, Sochi, Rio and Pyeongchang and the potential host city for 2020.

Pin INS0005

Five of the pins each represent one of the host cities and show the name of the city as well as a representative image - a red bus for London as an example. The pins form a circle with the insidethegames.biz teddy as the sixth piece of the puzzle. The pins are manufactured by Honav and contain a backstop of INS0005.

The pins are each limited to 800 pieces and issued on  a backing card which shows what the complete puzzle looks like.

Backing card

As part of the launch of this pin insidethegames.biz and Honav have joined forces to present their 'My Favourite Pin Story' competition. Simply by entering the story behind your favourite pin and what it means to you, you have the chance to win a range of London 2012 retail pins and the insidethegames.biz puzzle set too.


wookie said...

Brilliant idea, but then I found that the closing date is in October.
All serious collectors will have worked hard to get all these pins for their collection by then. They won't think "I might win those in the competition, I won't bother", if they see them available somewhere they will grab them to be sure of having them. I hate reading all the negative comments on this blog, all anonymous, but this time I have to add my own, but am brave enough to put my name to them.

Acer said...

I certainly see your point but it is kind of late now to have the contest end before the start of the 2012 Games. If nothing else they can be used as traders for other pins that you still might need. Sounds like you think you're going to win. lol Good luck.

wookie said...

I wonder how they will be distributing the other 897 sets

Sleathy said...

Well...surely it leads to some free pins so will be worth entering anyway ... surely?

noel 9 said...

It may do Sleathy...... and Don't Call me Shirley ! (sorry could not resist that old one ! )

Ian Kershaw said...

Any idea what a full set of these puzzle pins complete with backing card in mint condition would sell for?