Friday, 18 May 2012

18/5: Torch Relay Pins - Offer from Event Merchandising

As the Olympic Torch Relay travels around the country, each evening it stops at a Celebration Venue. At these venues a fully branded and official London 2012 Torch relay shop will be present. These shops are being operated by Event Merchandising Limited and they are the only retailer selling official London 2012 merchandise within these celebration sites. They will have products that are exclusive and only available through that shop such as torch logo key rings, magnets etc.

They will of course, be stocking the Olympic Torch Relay pins and over the course of the relay will have all 75 designs. They are reaching out to the readers of London Pins with a series of offers for anyone who cannot make it to all 70 celebration venues!

Offer 1 : A complete set of individual pins

Order all 75 pins as individual pins (not a framed set) and Event Merchandising are offering the discounted price of £5 per pin.

Not only that, but they hope to send them to you in batches. That way, you will receive a set of pins for several days of the relay before those days occur. That way you will have the pin on the day of the relay. As the torch progresses you will be sent the next set of pins so you will always have them in advance.

This may take them a little while to arrange for the first few pins, but once we get to June they hope to have this delivery worked out.

BUT: These pins will be supplied from Event Merchandising's very limited stock. To ensure you get your order processed, they need to know numbers by 4pm tomorrow (Saturday 19th May) as once the Celebration Venue at Plymouth opens, these pins will go on general sale and may sell out. If you want to take up this offer, act fast.

Offer 2: The framed set

If you like the look of the framed set shown yesterday, they are offering this to readers for 10% off the recommended retail price. This set will not be delivered until the torch relay is complete and must be ordered by 30th June.

Offer 3: Multiples of a single pin

For those of you that are looking for multiple pins for a particular venue, then they can offer to supply them at £6 each, but they require a minimum order of 5 of a particular pin.

Please be aware that Event Merchandising cannot supply odd pins here and there. To be able to offer these deals to readers they need you to commit to a certain level of order. Individual pins will be available at the Celebration Venues and through other retailers if any stock remains at the end of the Torch Relay.

To take up one of these offers, please contact Steve at Event Merchandising via email -

Your items can be delivered free of charge to their London 2012 shop in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf, or sent directly to you for £1.99 for a single order of pins, £5.99 for the regular batches of the individual pins (one-off, not per batch) or £4.99 for the framed set.

Payment can be in cash at the Canary Wharf shop, Visa or Bank Transfer. They will be able to tell you more when you place an order.

Don't forget this offer is just for the Torch Relay London 2012 pins.

I hope to be able to bring you news of the Coca-Cola Torch Relay pins soon and another offer from Event Merchandising next week.

If you plan to go to a Celebration Venue during the relay, make sure to visit the London 2012 shop while you're there.

Thank you to Steve and the team at Event Merchandising for putting these offers together.


Sleathy said...

I have ordered some Torch pins from Steve as per the website - I will let you know if and when I hear anything....

Anonymous said...

The first torch pins are available now on the 2012 website

Sleathy said...

Interesting! You od, however, have to pay postage ...which I think is £3.95 minimum .... Steve has said he has received my Pin order btw....Did anyone else order from him?

Injuredturtle said...

Does anyone have a spare Land's End pin they would be willing to sell/trade? We went to Land's End then up to Plymouth for the evening celebrations but all the pins had sold out before we got there. Really wanted the Land's End one as it is my home County.

Sleathy said...

You can still get the Lands End Pin on .......£7 plus postage.

IF I get a spare I will let you know ...

Acer said...

Unfortunately, not any are left at this site anymore.

Injuredturtle said...

Thanks Sleathy. Much appreciated.

Matt said...

Back in Stock (well within a week), get your orders in!!! Going through my birth place of Trowbridge in 20 minutes!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much the framed set will be. i have emailed to express my interest but have heard nothing back yet.