Thursday, 31 May 2012

31/5: Top Pin Trading Locations in London (6)

This week we get closer to the Olympic Park. In fact just outside, as we spotlight potential pin trading at...

Westfield, Stratford City

For many old hands this location is nothing new - we've had some pin meets here already! But for those new to London or visiting from abroad hopefully there is some useful information included.

Nestling right next to the Olympic Park is Westfield, Stratford City shopping centre. Opened late last year the shopping centre is already very well used, and situated right on top of Stratford underground station and next door to Stratford International station.

Most importantly, Westfield will be the gateway to the Olympic park - with 7 million people likely to travel through it on their way to the games this summer.

7 million people - some of them must be carrying a few pins? I certainly hope so! Without having any certainty yet over what the busiest routes will be from the transport hubs to the park entrance it is hard to suggest any individual spots that will be good for pin trading, but the outside corridors are likely to be very busy, as are the alfresco dining areas which might make for a good trader meeting point after a busy day on the park.

Westfield also has a number of shops occupied by current London 2012 partners. Samsung, Mini and Omega for instance all have prominent locations. John Lewis also has an Olympic store - and a great view of the Olympic park on its top floor. There is a London 2012 official store here too - under the Team GB brand of "Our Greatest Team".

When you add in great shopping, millions of people, the gateway to the Olympic Park, likely sponsor activities and pleasant outdoor locations I think we can guarantee that Westfield, Stratford City will be a genuinely great place to swap some pins this summer!