Wednesday, 9 May 2012

9/5: Pin Traders Pack

There is a new pin product available at the London 2012 shop at St Pancras - the Pin Trader's Pack. This is a sealed pack which contains 5 pins from a range of 30 designs all for £15. The label on the back of the pack explains the concept of pin trading and promises at one 'extremely rare' pin, either

  • countdown
  • mini white logo
  • silver mascot

Front of pack

Rear of pack

I've heard of one collector who did get a very good set of pins, I on the other hand would consider that I did 'ok' - a few traders for Games time. I suppose though, that is the point of the pack, and at least the pins are essentially half price.

The picture on the front of the pack shows the media centre pin mention there a few weeks ago and also a 10 Downing Street pin which I don't think we've seen from Honav yet. Therefore I wouldn't read too much into the images on the front of the pack.

I don't know if the packs are available at any other locations. If you see them, please leave a comment to inform others.


Sleathy said...

My wife is going there tomorrow ...I will have to ask her to get one! As you say - some for trading at half-price....

Pippin said...

It sounds as though Honav did take on board some of the ideas that were put forward at one of the pin meets last year.

smudgepuss said...

I was at St P yesterday; they didn't have these any more, and the staff didn't sound like they would be getting any more in.