Thursday, 24 May 2012

24/5: Top Pin Trading Locations in London (5)

We reach the halfway point in a run down of 10 top locations where pin trading may be going on in London this summer. This week it's the turn of...

Live Sites

Live Sites are a relatively new Olympic phenomenon. These large spaces could be described as the best way to see the Olympics and experience the atmosphere if you don't have a ticket to a sporting event or to the Olympic Park.

Many Games have had them, and they have had different levels of success. In Vancouver there were three downtown live sites - one of which hosted a number of the Sponsor pavilions which at London's Games you can find on the Olympic Park. In Beijing there were a number of sites too - but these were not so well attended. Atlanta carved out the centre of the city to create Centennial Olympic Park - the scene of great celebrations, as well as a tragic incident during those games.

For London 2012 there will be Live Sites stretching across the entire country, with 5 being located in London. The specific sites are in Hyde Park, Potters Fields, Victoria Park, Waltham Forest and Woolwich.

Pin for Hyde Park - One of the London 2012 Live Sites

The two major sites will be in Hyde Park (in Central London) and Victoria Park (close to the Olympic Park). These two will host Major events and concerts as part of the BT London Live 2012 programme.

But what are Live Sites? Well the main draw is Live Olympic and Paralympic Sport! Big Screens will relay the best of the action to spectators who get to experience a great atmopshere in an outside environment with thousands of other people. As well as the sport these sites usually have shops, food and entertainment. At the larger sites (such as Hyde Park and Victoria Park) stages will provide live entertainment too.

In fact Hyde Park is holding special Opening and Closing Ceremony Concerts which will be ticketed only. For the 28 July-11 August access is open to everybody - but you can also buy a guaranteed entry ticket.

Of course most appealingly - the Hyde Park Live Site is the location of one of the Coca-Cola pin trading centres - but more on these in a later post.

For pin collectors this will be a great location to trade pins. There will be plenty of traders about, and plenty of fans who will hopefully be wearing pins, and willing to trade a pin or two. So as always, keep your eyes peeled, enjoy the atmosphere and be ready to trade some pins!

For more details of where all the London 2012 Live Sites can be found then best to check the London 2012 Website for details.