Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13/6: New Faith Pin

Following on from the hard-to-find Diversity pin - Faith, comes the should-be-easier-to-find Diversity pin Faith version 2.

Pin 1075 - version 1

Pin 1721 - version 2
The new pin is identical to the original apart from the fact that the Olympic logo is in blue where the original was pink. This pin is limited to 10,000 pieces compared to the original's 2,012 pieces.

This new pin should due available very shortly.


noel 9 said...

Months ago we all spent most of our waking hours in search of original Faith pin and now another one comes along. Thanks that this time issue number is not an issue, so I will not be needing to use the services of the Pin Board Wizard or the Glam Fairy to find me one.

BUT what about the TRANS-GENDER PIN ? Does any one know if this pin will be I coming out of the closet soon !

Anonymous said...

The glam fairy has now put one of the original pins up for auction rather than a buy it now price. It seesm even fairies like a bit of hard cash. Lets hope the tooth fairy doesn't follow suit.

Coin Bazaar said...

The new Faith pin is now available at Coin Bazaar.