Thursday, 28 June 2012

28/6: Hyde Park Store and Pin Trading Centre

I've received some emails recently asking about the location of the Pin Trading centre in Hyde Park. I visited this week to take a look. A lot of the construction appears complete and they are working on the branding on the outside.

It's a large plot, but then again it will contain a London 2012 store as well as the Coca-Cola pin trading centre.

During the Games, the hours of operation of the pin trading area will be 10am to 10pm. The shop hours may differ - I do not know for sure.

The shop is located on the south side of the park between South Carriage Drive and Rotten Row, opposite the Hyde Park Barracks.

View Hyde Park Pin Trading Centre in a larger map

For those that are not familiar with that part of London, I travelled there by underground - the Piccadilly Line, to Knightsbridge station. I used Exit 1 which is well signposted from the platform and throughout the station with large pink 'Hyde Park' signs in London 2012 branding.

At the top of the exit stairs, turn left along Knightsbridge. Walk along that road and then turn left into a narrow cut-through - Park Close. Follow that to the end and you will be on South Carriage Drive with Hyde Park in front of you and the pin trading centre across the road and to the left.

Perhaps during Games time, access to and from the station will be controlled and this route may not be possible at all times.


TJ said...

Paul lanyard pin is fab and the hat too do you know when they are going to be released I want them....also any news re the St Patrick pin so we can complete emblems set. Cheers.

London Pins said...

TJ, I have no date I'm afraid. I would hope they will be out before the first pin trading centre opens in a few weeks.

As for the St Patrick pin - no info, but Honav are aware of collectors ' feelings and I'm sure will do their best if it's possible.

Sleathy said...

I agree the Lanyard Pin IS GREAT - How would anyone go about getting one of them I wonder ..... ???

London Pins said...

The lanyard pin is one of the retail pins so SHOULD be available on general release. It was displayed a while ago at a pin meet.