Wednesday, 20 June 2012

20/6: Next Jigsaw Piece from

The latest piece of the circular jigsaw pin set from was on show at the pin meet last Saturday.

Pin INS0009

This is pin 5 of 6 and like the first piece comes on a backing card which shows an image of the complete set. The pin is limited to 800 pieces.


noel 9 said...

Well we have part one & part five... what about the others ?

Molon said...

Lucky you ! Where and how did you get #5 ? Did I miss out at the last pin meet ?

Pippin said...

Molon, there were people from Inside the Games at the last pin meet (John Lewis), although I didn't see them until quite late on. They were handing out pin #5, but they also had pin #1 left over from the previous occasion. Hopefully for you, they will still be carrying pin #5 when we see them next.