Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13/6: New Pictogram Pins

So far, we have seen metallic pictogram pins and pewter pictogram pins, now it's the turn of gold pictogram pins.

London 2012 have released 9 sports - 8 Olympic and 1 Paralympic as gold pictograms. These pins combine the pictogram with the appropriate logo and use a shiny and dull gold finish seen on the recent Team GB and Paralympics GB pins.

Pin 1772
Pin 1773

The pins are limited to 10,000 pieces and are numbered 1772 - 1780.

Given the issue size, these are the least rare pictogram pins we've seen, with the original issue being 5,000 Olympic and 3,000 Paralympic and the pewter issue being 5,000 Olympic and 2,012 Paralympic.

I have no news on whether more sports will be available in this range or whether they will be available as a set as well as individually.

These are my favourite style of pictogram pins so far as I like the gold finish and am pleased to see the logo make an appearance.

These pins should be available very soon.


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