Sunday, 10 June 2012

10/6: Collectors Folder from Royal Mail

A pleasant surprise cam in the post last week. Royal Mail sent a collectors folder to hold all 30 of the Stamp and Pins sets. The folder can also be used for the Stamp and 50p coin packs too.

The pack is a multi-layed cardboard holder with notches cut out to hold each pack. It has the standard London 2012 branding and colours and makes a great holder for the stamp pins. I'm not sure if the album will be available to purchase, but the letter contain din the package stated that it was being sent as I had bought all of the packs in the set.


Mikeyboy said...

Silly question: how does the Royal Mail know what pins you've bought?

noel 9 said...

well Mikeyboy... it could be magic ! or they may have used their mailing list.

I hope that the folder is better quality than the Royal Mints Box they gave out to store the 2012 coins in.

Bill (never anonymous) said...

Details can be found here