Sunday, 24 June 2012

24/6: New Pins Seen at Pin Meet

At the pin meet last week, Honav were kind enough to bring along some new pins to show us. I mentioned a few in the meet report, but here are some more of the pins they brought along - a mix of retail and sponsor.

There were a set of retail pins that combined the London landmarks designs we have seen previously with sports, such as an equestrian rider 'jumping' the House or Parliament. They are reminiscent of some of the 'Back the Bid' imagery we saw in 2005.

Another set of retail pins showed sporting terms in highly coloured pins. Examples were 'Slam dunk' from basket ball and 'Drop Shot' in tennis.

There were a few pins which showed sporting equipment in gold along with a Games logo. The photograph shows a basketball and hoop, there was also a tennis racquet and a football pin

The Arcelor Mittal orbit was shown on a pin using the landlines graphics seen in previous retail pins.

Whilst all of these pins were confirmed as retail, I have no details on whether they may be restricted to specific locations or venues or whether they will be on general release.

Several sponsor pins were on show too, and given they were on display, I presume that all have been issued to the companies concerned.

BAA/Heathrow continued their range with a green and purple pin echoing their first issue and they also had on display some gold, silver and froze pins which we presume will be awarded to staff based on their commitment.

Lloyds TSB had a couple of pins which combined there logos with the mascot sport poses.

BMW have issued a Mini (the car) pin s before, but this time the logo on the car uses the flame infill and the writing on the pin mentions the Olympic Torch Relay.

The final pin was another issue from the Lloyds Banking Group - this time celebrating World Sport Day and shows the mascots vaulting over the globe. This was a larger than average pin and based on comments on the day, one of the most popular in the room with collectors.

Please remember that all of the pins shown here from the sponsors are for internal use only and will not be issued to the public.