Thursday, 14 June 2012

14/6: Top Pin Trading Locations in London (7)

This weeks destination needs hardly any explanation...

The Olympic Park

There are no less than 9 venues on the Olympic Park. It's home to the Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Water Polo Arena, Copperbox, Riverbank Arena, Basketball Arena, Eton Manor, Velodrome and BMX Circuit. In addition it's also the site of two major Non Competition venues. The Main Media Complex - which includes both the International Broadcast Centre and Main Press Centre - and the Olympic Village. Add in to this mix a sprinkling of sponsor showcases, hospitality centres and of course the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre and you can see why the Olympic Park is a prime location for pin swapping come July!

We will spend time in the final three blogs in this series exploring some of these locations in more detail, but suffice to say that the Park will be the place to be. With 7 million spectators across both Games likely to be on the Park, thousands of sponsors, athletes, the worlds media and press as well as staff, your chances of seeing a new pin are much greater here than anywhere else.

The sponsor showcases in particular could be interesting, from past experience some of these will be more clued-up about the need to give out a few pins than others. Some may have no pins to give out, some will.

Of course access to the Park is not straightforward. It's an Olympic venue, and therefore either an event ticket, an Olympic Park ticket or accreditation is needed. But if you've secured one of these then make sure you build some time into your day to be part of the pin trading scene on the Park.