Tuesday, 5 June 2012

5/6: New Sponsor and Media Pins

Some readers may have noticed a few pins appearing on eBay recently. The following 4 pins have all been sent to me by readers and have been added to the catalogue.

Pin BBC0001 (TBC)
The first pin is a media pin from the BBC. It is unmarked on the reverse and with nothing to identify the manufacturer or issue size. These pins are not for the public and will not be distributed outside of the BBC.

The next is an Olympic Torch Relay pin from Lloyds TSB. The reference of this pin is yet to be confirmed. Again, this pin is for internal distribution only and will not be issued to the public.

Pin EDF0018
This pin is another in the great countdown range from EDF. Following the theme of their previous Paralympic countdown pins, this 100 days to go pin has an image of the Basketball Arena along with composite logos. This pin is limited to 1,000 pieces and only for internal distribution.

Pin WWL-SAM0010 (TBC)
The final new pin that has been spotted is from Samsung. This one was seen at one of the Olympic Torch Relay parties. My understanding is that it is not a Honav pin and again is for Samsung staff only.


Acer said...

Kudos to Lloyds for putting out such a stylish looking pin to honour their involvement in the Olympic Torch Run.
It sure makes the Coca-Cola "retail"
pins look very ordinary!