Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11/7: More Coca-Cola Pins Released

The Coke Store added more pins to its inventory today.

The 'Love London' series was extended with one new pin while the 'Music and Sport' series add 9 music themed pins too.

There is a great T-Shirt pin in the 'London 2012' series along with Coke's first mascot pin to show Mandeville.

The Coca-Cola Icons series now has a number of Coke bottle pins with various infills.

There are also four new series...

Music - an homage to the Beatles Abbey Road album cover with musical instruments crossing the street. There are 5 pins available, but only 3 are available as individual pins. 

Venues - The Aquatics Center and Wembley are the first two pin sin the series

Retro - more iconic Coke images

Sport of the Day - a series of 17 pins covering a range of sports. Even though the pins are numbered 'Day1, Day2, etc' and are dated, they are being released now. For new collectors, these are not the Pin of the Day that collectors talk about.

All these pins are available now and I imagine will be in the Hyde Park store too.


Anonymous said...

I was at Hyde Park today and they had just received an order. They were busy unwrapping when I left.

Just a word of warning...

I placed an order on the coke website today and (yippee) got a confirmation email.

Here is an extract...

This email is to acknowledge the receipt of the order detailed below, not a guarantee of stock availability. Please check all details correctly and if there are any mistakes, please contact our Customer Services Department within 24 hours of placing the order and they will be able to assist you.

Telephone: 0845 862 5651

noel 9 said...

The B@@@@Y Web Site still wont take my order. I spent ages putting in my order and then my details and then BUGGER ALL

Any Ideas ?

Last Time it took ages to get it thru.... lost count of the attempts.

This could drive me to drink.... and I DON'T Mean COKE either !!!

Anonymous said...

Try emptying the basket, add it again and don't add anything else once you have pressed the checkout button.

I had to do that, it worked...

Good Luck

Failing that, call them in the morning.

Tim said...

I can't believe how amateurish the online store is. I'm glad to hear that it is finally sending out email confirmations, but any ecommerce system worth its salt should be able to check stock levels. When the product page loads it should either hide out of stock items, or display a "currently out of stock" message next to the items concerned. Once payment has been processed for an item, the system should then reduce the stock level accordingly. It's unbelievable that the system can't tell if an item is in stock when you order it!

Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon and then received an email confirmation that basically says "thanks for your order but we can't tell if we have it in stock"?

It's been over a week since I placed my orders with them and I still haven't received anything. I appreciate that they've been having difficulties but it really wouldn't take much for them to send a bulk email to all the people who've ordered, apologising and informing them that there's a delay. You really shouldn't have to phone them to find out what's going on!

It's a shame, because they have some really nice merchandise and some beautiful pins and it's all being ruined by a terrible online store.

I definitely want to buy some of the pins that came out today but there's no way that I'm risking an online purchase again. I'm down in London this weekend and will see if they have them at Hyde Park.

Sorry, rant over!

Anonymous said...


If you go over, you can get yourself the limited edition of 2,012 Hyde park traders the trip will be worth it.

noel 9 said...

Thanks Mystery Man (or Lady) but I will be not be up in London until 17th .... Thanks

I will have ONE more attempt with Coke On Line Shopping .... watch this space.

wookie said...

I love the Sport of the Day series!