Thursday, 26 July 2012

26/7: Daily Update (D-2)

Probably the easiest and quickest way is for me to 'brain-dump' anything I found each day. Photos will be added where possible, but for now consider that the catalogue will always be out of date. It WILL catch up eventually.

So here's the news for Wednesday 25th (D-2)...

I was lucky enough to get into the Olympic Park today and even luckier to get into the Media area thanks to the great team at Around the Rings.

As well as lots of media (press and broadcast pins)

 I also saw the venue specific media pins - 3 in total.

and 2 Team GB venue pins. The team GB ones are not specific to the Media Centre as I saw them in one of the superstores on the Olympic Park.

I also managed to get a Coca-Cola venue operations pin from one of the army personnel.

There are also new pins from Visa, McDonalds and a great torch pin from BP


Miss Happy said...

I got a great venue pin for the road cycling at the Olympic Park superstore.

It is the best one I purchased, limited to 3000.

It has a lovely bike coming towards you, the venue plus the dates...

sleathy said...

WOW !!! You had a blast Paul!!! I went to the store on site and bought a set of 2 pins including one of the stadium.There seemed to be a pin for each sport rather than for each venue as such - or am I wrong???

Anonymous said...

Yes I would def say trade with uk Collectors, especially a certain germany will def only trade In his favour

Anonymous said...
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