Wednesday, 25 July 2012

24/7: Days of the Games

As well as the Coca-Cola pin of the day, there is also a set celebrating the Days of the Games. These pins will not be issued one per day, but instead will be available in one go. They are dated for each day of the Games and show a different sport.

However, the 'special' with this set is that they build into the 2012 logo.

Days of the Games pins

Each of the 18 pins is limited to 5,000 pieces. These were spotted yesterday by someone lucky enough to be working in the Olympic Park, but they will be available from Friday from the usual retailers.


Tim said...

Ooohh....pretty! I wonder which set is going to be the most popular, this one or the Coke one.

Jordan D said...

Available in one go? Ridiculous.

DJ said...

I hope they'll be sold seperately, and not just as a set.

TJ said...

I like this set ... Be nice in box set..but I understand it's not going to be online anyway. There's some fab pins coming out all the time.

Mikeyboy said...

An amazing set! I really hope I can get my hands on these fab fins. I see a couple of sliders, and I wonder what the hinged one reveals?

For anyone planning to buy pins every day at the Park: good luck! The shop in Orbit Circus (not the Megastore, but still big enough) was absolute murder yesterday!!!

TJ said...

I personally prefer this set to the coke ones..and making into the logo is genius..can't wait for them to come.