Sunday, 8 July 2012

8/7: Venue Specific Logo Pins

The first venue specific pins have appeared for sale. These are a series of logo pins in various colour combinations that reflect the colours used at various venues.

Venue specific logo pins

I'm aware of ten pins in total in either blue, pink or purple with contrasting accent colours. Unfortunately neither the pin nor the packaging indicate which venue they relate to. So until I can find out the specific location each pin represents, I will describe them as...

  • Blue with Yellow
  • Blue with Pink
  • Blue with Orange
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Orange
  • Purple with Blue
  • Purple with Green
  • Purple with Pink
  • Purple with Orange
  • Purple with Yellow

Each pin is limited to 50,000 pieces. These pins come on a new the of backing card. The card is single layer rather than the folded ones we've seen to date. They also come in a plastic bag which protects the front of the pin. The backing card is marked with the words 'Olympic Venue Collection - London 2012'

I imagine that each variety of pin will be available at a specific Games location, and they have been spotted at the London 2012 shop at Hyde Park. This shop will be a main retail outlet in Central London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Sleathy said...

INTERESTING! I will be after pins that show the actual Olympic Venues - that would be a great set to get hold of methinks .... any news on such a set? I think there is a US version or two floating about on such auction sites ...

Sleathy said...

Anyone post the link to the BBC pin please?

highgreenowl said...

i think these tie up with the colour schemes on the tickets / info guide leaflets.

so potentially the one on the left is synchronised swimming and right basketball??

noel 9 said...

That fits in with some emails I got regarding venues.
Looks like some of the combos do double up.

But from my tickets

Football Purple & Pink and white
Beach Volley ball Purple & Gold (yellow)
Hand Ball Deep PINK & Red and white


Athletics Dark Purple & Red and white

General day park entry

Dark Pink and light pink and white

but I doubt that a Pin will not be issued JUST for general visitors.

Maybe the day pins will be coloured also.

Ryan said...

I didn't get tickets to the games.
Does anyone know where or a website that I can get these badges,