Sunday, 15 July 2012

15/7: Media Pins

Thanks to readers a new set of media pins has been added to the catalogue. There are a number of broadcast pins, which can use the official marks, and press pins, which cannot.

From the BBC (the UK Olympic Broadcaster) comes a gold version of the white pin seen already. I'm told that the gold version is for accredited staff only.

Channel 4 (the UK Paralympic Broadcaster) have issued 3 pins all combining the C4 and Paralympic Games logo.

From the international broadcast and press companies we have a range of pins which tend to draw on London's skyline and icons.

Germany's ARD/2DF use the Olympic rings and London skyline

Australia's Channel 9 have issued 8 pins. There are 2 designs available in all for London 2012 brand colours - pink, orange, blue and green. One of the designs combines the London 2012 logo with that of Channel 9, and the other design adds in the London skyline.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) also use the skyline while Foxtel (USA) and SVT (Sweden) make use of the London 2012 logo

Finally, USA Today use sporting pictograms, Big Ben and the British flag to show the London connection for their pin.


Tim said...

Thanks for this post, Paul - I've been wondering what media pins are out there. I love the Channel 9, USA Today and BBC gold pins, but I imagine that they're going to be rarer than hen's teeth and impossibly hard to find.

Acer said...

The BBC White pin was selling on their site for 2.49 pounds but is currently out of stock but I have
been told they will be re-stocking them soon.

Tim said...

But that's only available to staff ;)

Acer said...

You are completely right; thanks for pointing that out to me. I made my contact aware of this and he has relented and is now sending me one of those BBC pins. It is now a good day
although we are heading for a hot, humid high of 36 degrees today.

Anonymous said...

Foxtel is Australian - the pay TV counterpart to Nine Network's coverage.

Nine Network have also issued an additional design of pin with the Olympic logo and their logo alongside each other.