Thursday, 5 July 2012

5/7: Pin Collecting Pins

Based on the number of enquiries I've received about the Pin Trading Pins, you will be pleased to know that they are due to be released this week.

Pin 1770

Pin 1771

The two pins show a lanyard and a hat covered in pins. They are cleverly designed and those that look carefully will see, not only are the lanyard and hat covered in pins, but the actual outline of some of the London 2012 pins, such as the 'I Love...' or 'West End' pins.

Each of these pins is limited to 2,012 pieces and if the level of interest is anything to go by, they may well sell out. They should be with your preferred retailer this week.

More new release news to come soon - an Orbit pin and new styles of logo pin.


Cake said...,default,pd.html

These have appeared on the 2012 website too.

Anonymous said...

The Pin Trading Pins are available on my favourite online pin shop.

TJ said...

I'm chuffed to bits think these two are one of my favourite pins thus far. Purchased from the glam stars who have come up trumps again and now awaiting delivery. Hope they are as good as they look.....

noel 9 said...

The Trans Gender Pin on the Pin Head Hat (or is it The "Tom" hat ) is Funny especially after all the problems finding the original. If you can't find the Trans Gender Pin, wear the pin showing the pin. The Lanyard is great too. What about a Pin showing a collectors pin board covered in pins ! .... it may be too late for that design.... but it would be something most collectors could identify with. It is Nice that some of the later pins have been just as good or better designed than some of the early ones. Thanks Honav and all those at Pin Heaven

TJ said...

Noel you'll be charging next for your ideas...must admit collectors board covered in pins is fab idea they could even produce a limited set of 5/6 pins all on it's own for pin collectors would be good rather than the odd pin one for trade other for collectors. Not grumbling tho cause their fab designs. Chuckled too when saw gender pin on hat.

noel 9 said...

I wonder WHEN these 2 pin collectors pins sell out....( AND THESE WILL ) what about a Pin showing these sold out pins... which in turn features the other pins !!!!

Being paid for suggestions by Pin Heaven ? I think they would rather PAY me NOT to make suggestions at times. My regards to Brother John and all at Pin Heaven as always.

wookie said...

I agree about the hat pin Noel - every time I look at mine it reminds me of Tom's hat. I think this one has to be officially renamed Tom's Hat!

Mikeyboy said...

What's the pink pin on the lanyard? And will Honav be releasing a 20 centimetre-long Union flag logo pin that I can stick in my left ear, just to complete "the look"?!

Tim said...

Help! Where I can buy these? I can't find them anywhere!

Tim said...

Phew! Found them on Pins and Things and ordered straight away. Would have hated to miss them!

Sleathy said...

I have ordered mine from Glam too ....Looking forward to getting them for sure!

noel 9 said...

Regarding Mikieboys comments about the pins on the Lanyard

Here is my guess

I (Heart) London 2012

West End Comedy Tragedy Mask

London Boroughs - Barking & Dagenham (the one that had you guessing)

Orange Logo

Pink Logo

and Manderville

On "TOM's" Hat

Birds - Chaffinch

Palace Guard

Trans Gender


and Orange Logo

Yes I really do have too much time on my hands

Sleathy said...

YAY!!! My pins from Glam ... arrived yesterday and they are impressive pins ...even if I had hoped they would be a little bigger ...

Coin Bazaar said...

The Pin Trading Pins are now available at