Saturday, 14 July 2012

14/7: Sports and Glow in the Dark Pins

The hawk-eyed eyed collectors and those that follow the message board will already know that two sets of pins and a single were released yesterday (Friday).

The first is a set of sports pins that show shots from different sports. These pins were on show at the recent pin meet and are now available to collectors. The numbers are 1693 - 1670 and they are limited to 10,000 pieces each

Pin 1693

The second set (well two pins) are glow in the dark pins. They show the 'Mind the Gap' warning at the edge of the tube platform and a lighthouse. These are pins 1800 and 1801 and are limited to 5,000 pieces each.

Pin 1801

The final pin released today manages to combine the nature and venue themes into one pin.

Pin 1805

The pin shows 'Willow' the Olympic Stadium hawk who presence will be used to keep smaller birds away from the stadium I presume. The pin uses a fantastic purple logo and features Willow with wings outstretched and the Olympic stadium in the distance. This pin is limited to 10,000 pieces.

All the pins are available immediately, so contact your preferred retailer.

Update 20/7: I've just found out that the Mind the Gap pin IS NOT a glow in the dark pin - just the lighthouse. Apologies for the confusion.


wookie said...

Nice to know that Willow is getting his (or should that be her) recognition for saving us from being C*****ed upon :)

DJ said...

Didn't see any of these in the hyde park shop today sadly, so i'll just have to keep a look out and see if the folks at pinsandthings are able to get some.

TJ said...

DJ like said before when you wanted the downing street ones glamorous living have them all in stock. They always stock every pin when it's released.

TJ said...

Thinking the purple logo on hawk pin to match and coincide with the venue only purple logo pin. Hoping more pins to go with the othe venues.

Sleathy said...


Anyone know anywhere currently stocking the Hawk & Stadium pin?

TJ said...

Sleathy glamorous living does at bottom of view all page.

Brilm said...

I love GL, but can't buy from them right now being in London, and moving. Has anyone seen the Gap pin anywhere in store? Not at Hyde Park, or John Lewis...

Miss Happy said...

Maybe I am a bit dim...excuse the pun!

I got the glow in the dark pins in the post today, the light house does indeed shine bright.

Despite leaving the "mind the Gap" pin in the sun...yes there was some today it does not glow.

Does everyone elses glow? or am I just being dim?

Coin Bazaar said...

The Sports shot pins and the glow pins are now available at Coin Bazaar.

Carole said...

I was in the Olympic Park on Friday 3 August (working in the
Stadium as part of the Athletics Field of Play team)
and asked various pin traders around the Coca Cola pin
trading pavilion whether they had seen the
Willow pin. One trader told me that, although the card with
the badge says edition 10,000, the actual
production seems to have been 50!!!! Honav production
seems to have said that it wouldn't be popular,
and produced only 50. Whether this is a
'myth' or not, I don't know as I'm new to Olympic pin
trading. However, if this is the case, then one of the most
beautiful pins of the series of 2012 may
also be one of the rarest! (PS I managed to get one
online for about £20, but I think with this
information, any surviving ones will go through the roof.
One has sold online already for £44.)