Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4/7: More Coca-Cola Pins

The online Coca-Cola store expanded its range to day with two new themes and 6 new pins.

The first is the 'Sports Series' consisting of 5 pins which combine sporting equipment and Coke bottles.

Pin 1551

The sports featured are Rhythmic Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Basketball, Badminton and Fencing.

The other range is the '2012 Series' and for now features one funky multi-coloured 2-0-1-2.

Pin 1586


Tim said...

Does anyone have any experience of ordering from the Coca Cola online store? I placed a couple of orders early last week and I didn't receive any email confirmation, even though the orders completed and payment was successful. When I emailed their customer support to check if everything was okay, I received a delivery failure message. I'm not too worried yet, but seeing as it's Coca Cola (or a company providing a service for Coca Cola) it seems a bit strange.

Mikeyboy said...

That's basically my experience too! And they don't pick the phone up either. TBH, I'm thinking of going to my card issuer and trying to make a claim.

Tim said...

Just read the comments on the previous thread about the problems various people have been experiencing ordering online. Has anyone actually received anything that they ordered from the Coca Cola online shop??

jean said...

i also ordered pins from coca cola at the beginning of last week.payment taken almost instantly. no email comformation and as yet no delivery. email to customer services returned

Tim said...

From the small print in the site's footer, it looks like the site is being run for Coca Cola by a company called The Retail People. Since it's impossible to contact Customer Services, I tweeted them @TheRetailPeople. We'll see if they answer. I'm going to give them a few more days before I claim against my card. It all seems very amateurish and isn't going to make Coca Cola look good at all.

Anonymous said...

The Retail People are the ones who run the Hyde park shop

Miss Happy said...

I mentioned this in the other blog post.

I had the same issues and on Friday rang Coca Cola customer services.

I spoke to a lovely guy who called me back numerous times.

The store is being operated by a third party and the IT dept has been informed about the technical issues with both emails and confirmations.

I was told that they are still waiting delivery for one of the pins I ordered and they expect delivery mid next week then they will then despatch.

I used the number on the Coke UK website, try ringing on business working days and during working hours.

They will listen as it is there brand name at stake, not the third parties.

Maybe the first person to get there order from Coke should post here so we all know when to expect the postman to knock!

Anonymous said...

| spoke to lovely man today, They had teething problems with website confirmation e-mails are now been sent. Havent oredered yet so will see