Friday, 20 July 2012

20/7: Coke Store Update

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a few issues with the online Coke store. A number of readers have commented on problems with delivery and communications. So that you are all aware, the team behind the online store have been reading the feedback and working hard to resolve the issues.

They would like to assure everyone that they have taken steps to improve the situation such as

  • making sure that automated communications are working
  • contacting customers who have placed orders that have not yet been fulfilled
  • making effective use of warehouse dispatching to satisfy both online and venue shops

They are also on the case to add new products to the website as soon as possible.

So, hopefully many readers will have started receiving their orders and those that haven't should be sorted very soon.

Please be sure to post some positive experiences when the online Coke store is working for you just so everyone knows.


Miss Happy said...

All of my issues have been resolved.

The team listened to me and really went out of their way to help...I even got a courtesy email to check everything was ok.

My thanks go to the Coke Team in the Buckinghamshire warehouse and their great manager.


Miss Happy

Ros Paine said...

One parcel now received - one still on it's way. Coke team at Hyde Park made me feel very welcome - and made me spend more money! I'll be back for more pins next week.
Have fun tomorrow

gz planke said...

NOTE to Retailers a lesson for all:
If you are a Retailer and have hug inventory of merchandise for 2012 Olympics Games. It is best to take a page out of business practice. Sell at the beginning of the Games normal prices. 10 days before the Games end sell at 75% off. 4 days before the Games end sell at 50% off. 2 days before the Games end sell at 35% off. Hint: During Vancouver 2012 - London Drugs stores did it and were not left with huge Inventory.

noel 9 said...

My home is a awash with Pins now. Boxes everywhere. Its like waiting for a Bus.. you wait for one delivery of Coke Pins to come .... and 3 Turn UP !!!! : )

See every one in the Park later for a spot of Trade and retail therapy ..... or is it HYDE & SEEK !

TJ said...

Yeah the pin trading pins are now on the coke website absolute love the lanyard one one of my favs. Hopefully all the hiccups from earlier are now sorted. Received couple of emails and contact details which is positive. So hopefully not have to wait too long.

TJ said...

Still waiting for one of my orders over 2 weeks now. Telephoned customer service said they would ring back and didn't. Also no response to emails sent regarding where my order is. Bit disappointed that such a large organisation is not doing better. As I have never had problems with other orders I have made online says a lot really.

TJ said...

Surprise surprise....not impressed take the money and don't get the goods don't bother to let you know terrible customer services thought by now they would be better organised for a huge organisation not like it's the firs time they have sold merchandise at an Olympics.

RD said...

Ordered badges at the begining of August, and they have still not arrived. Emailed customer services, but as yet have not received a response. Tried to email, my email came back undelivered. I hope it is just a badly organised, poorly run company, however I fear the worst!